MC dura gears names and belt sets

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MC dura gears names and belt sets

Post  Puff on Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:35 pm

magewalls and shields names is worng.

D1: Primal
D2: Feral
D3: Bestial

D1: Frantic
D2: Intense
D3: Berserk

D1: Braced
D2: Reinforced
D3: Toughened

D1: Eerie
D2: Ghostly
D3: Spectral

D1: Careful
D2: Decisive
D3: Precise

D1: Safeguarding
D2: Fortifying
D3: Barricading

D1: Puncturing
D2: Rupturing
D3: Shattering

D1: Nimble
D2: Keen
D3: Elegant

Belt sets
Anessa set bonus: +200 Vitality,-150 Strength,+15% Max. HP,-50% Max. MP
Endairon set bonus: +10% Strength,+10% Physical Attack,+45% P.ignore
Silairon set bonus: -100 Vitality,+12% Agility,+12% Dexterity,Chance to cast hold for 2s,Chance to stun when dodging
Salam set bonus: Basic attacks can add +25 Dexterity. stacks 10 times.
Argoth set bonus: +25% Wisdom,+25% Max. MP,Chance to get for 30s +50% Wisdom and MP Recovery
Marbas set bonus: +6% Intelligence,+6% M.Atk.,+45% M.ignore
Rynn set bonus: +150% MP Recovery,+15% Vitality,+15% Wisdom,-50% Max. MP
Lamia set bonus: +10% Strength,+10% Intelligence,+5 Lvls Creature Mastery,+5 Lvls Creature Breeding
Rakashi set bonus: +40 all stats expect luck +8%hp/mp
Rudra set bonus: +3 Lvls Creature Taming, Chance to get for 30s +20 to all stats (Except Luck). Stacks up to 3 times.

im not 100% sure about the belt set bonuses

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Re: MC dura gears names and belt sets

Post  Divine on Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:02 pm

Thanks for the info Smile

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Re: MC dura gears names and belt sets

Post  Bahl on Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:04 am

complete info on sets

I never did manage to get one of these, but i did try...


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Re: MC dura gears names and belt sets

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