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Post  Bahl on Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:24 am

There are several different builds to choose from and some are a lot more expensive than others. Picking what you like and what is within your budget is the first thing to consider.

For melee non ranged classes people like to focus on either attack speed, str/patk, agility/evasion, vit/pdef or dex/acc. Some shield users might want to add gnolls for added block rate. Belting koala's for luck and crit rate is an option available to very few, but it is certainly worth considering if you have one and want to max your damage potential.

First thing you have to do is decide what you want to do up. Attack speed/agi, str/patk and vit/pdef is usualy a good base. It is possible to max all of these by using 2 kenta's, 2 s4 yeti's and 2 s4 skells. This gives you 32% inc to those stats. That however will mean that you are unable to use a bosscard or get any of the other stat incs andthat you need to have a 6 slot belt . Some people have spares they swap for a card they don't need as much. For example adding a belt nm instead of a yeti if they aren't getting hit much, but do miss a lot.

If you want to max out a stat keep the following in mind. Every stat maxes out at 30% with a added bonus of 1% per card that increases the same stat. The minimum amount of cards needed to max a stat is 2. With belt pets that give split stats it is usualy 4, but there are some very expensive exceptions that can do this in 3. Using a higher stage pet increases the amount it adds by 1% for single stats and 0,5 for split stats.

If you want to max out stats the minimum amount of pets you need is 3 s5 t1, 2 s4 t2, 2 s2 t3, 2s0 t4 and higher. t5's add 17% to single stats and t6's add 19%. If the pet you want to use gives a split stat you will need twice the amount of pets in your belt.

The advantage of using split stats is that you get a higher increase due to the bonus. The disadvantage of split stats is that you lose out on more than one stat if you want to swap a pet in for for example accuracy or a boss card. This can be solved by removing another split stat belt pet and adding a single stat increasing one, but it is a more expensive way of organising things.

For ranged melee the usual stats they want to increase are the following: dex/attack speed, str (usefull only for carrying more) patk, agi/evasion, vit/pdef.

Using 2 s2 harps, 2 s0 kentas, 2 s2 uni's would max out their damage potential. It is also a glass canon build and using vit/pdef belt pets is sometimes a must.

For mages it is easy. The most usefull stats are int/matk and vit/pdef. Belting 2 s4 octo's and 2 s4 yeti's maxes this. Using 4 s0 angels will do so as well. Worth nothing is that this will only work on a 6 slot belt because there is a minimum of a s1 and a s2 pet on the 3rd and 4th slot.

Apart from that there is mprec, luck/crit rate, evasion and wis/macc. The mprec can be very nice, but it requires belting ifrits and that isn't available for everybody. The luck/crit rate can make a huge difference, but requires a koala even fewer people have. The amount of wis/macc gotten from belting a siren is so low that i don't consider it worth belting. Evasion can make a small difference.

Imo casters are fine with a 4 slot belt. If they have a fifth they can add a bc or a yeti if they were using 2 mage belt pets, 1 pdef one and a bc already. The last one is a lot less usefull on a caster than it is on another class.

I never did manage to get one of these, but i did try...


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